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Customer Service

Assistance Contact List:

-Customer service needs or shipping questions please contact Chico Bressa via email or phone at:     chico@supplementsolutionsusa.com   -     888.944.6612

- Marketing and sales assistance please contact Jason DeRose at:

    coachderose@comcast.net    -  724-622-0828

- Shopify account, commissions, or pricing please contact Mike Rhoten at:
   mike@supplementsolutionsusa.com    -   888.944.6612

- Product graphics please contact Ethan Washington at: 

- Product formulation, ingredients, or product certifications
   please contact Pat Williams at:  pat@supplementsolutionsusa.com    -    888.944.6612

- Online Commission checks please contact Angie Platania at:   
                 angie@supplementsolutionsusa.com     -  888.944.6612